Our Services

We offer far more services than just Electrical Wholesale. These services are spread across various industries and products, such as:

  • Electrical Panel Building
  • Electrical Wholesaler
  • Electrical Flameproof Ex Products
  • Electrical Cable Supplies
  • Switch Gear Products
  • Lighting

We offer superior brands, products & services that meet every requirement of an electrical and industrial automation project.

From electrical maintenance, electrical renovations and alterations, supply upgrades, MCC building, containerised MCCs, electrical panel building, and fault finding, we do it all.

With all the necessary skillsets in-house, we are cost effective and provide a world class service to all our clients.

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  • Mining
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Water
  • Food and Beverage


We sell every and any electrical product ever made, or likely to be made.

We believe in meeting our client’s needs, ensuring that they are satisfied with our service, their experience, and the products that we supply.

Please contact us to request more information about our services and products.


Additional Services

Motor Control Centres

Power distribution systems used in large commercial and industrial applications can be complex.

Power may be distributed through:

  • Switchgear,

  • Switchboards,

  • Transformers, and

  • Distribution Boards.

Power distributed throughout a commercial or industrial application is used for a variety of applications such as heating, cooling, lighting, and motor-driven machinery.


Power Analysis

The rising cost of energy means that optimum use of energy has become even more critical. The first step in managing energy is understanding ‘how much and when’ energy is being used. To discover that, you would require a power report.

Ptytrade 228 (Pty) Ltd can record and log details about the main incoming or sub main supply including:

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Voltage Frequency

  • Power Factor

  • Harmonics

  • Energy Usage

These details can be recorded over a period of up to 45 days and upon completion a detailed report of the findings will be produced.


Our Electrical Supply Partners

We source locally and internationally from the best brands.

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Lanbao | Ptytrade 228 Partners
Sew | Ptytrade 228 Partners
Lovato | Ptytrade 228 Partners
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Switchgear Unlimited | Ptytrade 228 Partners
Flameproof Manufacturing | Ptytrade 228 Partners
Powermite | Ptytrade 228 Partners
4IR | Ptytrade 228 Partners
Finder | Ptytrade 228 Partners
ABB | Ptytrade 228 Partners
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